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Nashville, Indiana                                  August 2020

Overview of the project: An outstanding Mural on the North side of the Historic Brown County Playhouse in Nashville, Indiana. More about the history of the Brown County Playhouse can be found here:

About the Playhouse: The Brown County Playhouse is a 501C3-organization managed and operated by the Brown County Playhouse Management, Inc., an all-volunteer board in Nashville, Indiana. The Playhouse is 71 Years old and the present building was constructed in the 1950s out of cement block.

Location of the project: On the North Exterior wall of the Playhouse located in an alley named Old Hickory Lane, between Van Buren & Jefferson in the Village of Nashville. Note the enclosed picture. 

Scope of the Project: The maximum size of the mural could be as big as 14’feet high by 32’feet wide. (Could be smaller). Please state your intended size in the completed RFP. Sample ideas for this project: 1)Trompe l’oeil Breakaway opening the building to view the inside of the Playhouse showing the audience and stage. 2) Historical event of Brown County. 3) Views inspired by the Brown County State Park. We are open to other great ideas that you would like to present. 

Your Design Submittal: Present a full-color representation of your design for the mural on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. Please state the intended finished size. Include the specs for the materials to be used. Include the requirements and products for the wall’s preparation to ensure the quality of your work is best preserved. 

Timeline of the Project: To be completed in Fall 2021. Please state an estimate on how long it would take to paint this mural. Also address the time for preparation of the all surface. 

Your estimated cost of the mural: Please give us separate estimated costs for the wall preparation and cost per sq. ft. for the mural image.

History of your experience with Murals: A statement on your history on painting Murals on exterior surfaces. Also include photos and references of your past work. 

Submittal date to the Playhouse: September 30, 2020 by 11:59 pm. Electronic copies will be accepted via email, please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line: "MURAL RFP 2020 - *YOUR LAST NAME*". Otherwise, Please mail your submissions to Brown County Playhouse Management, Inc., PO Box 2011, Nashville, Indiana 47448, postmarked by 09/30/20. 

Funding: Funding will be arranged by the Brown County Playhouse Management, Inc. and come from private donations, grants, and endowments. 

QuestionsYou may call Bob Kirlin, 812-720-0222

Principle point of contact: With your submittal, be sure to include your name, phone, text, email & mailing address. 

Preview of wall: 



Design examples: 

Mural Example 1

Mural Example 2


Mural Example 3


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