Can you imagine Brown County without its Playhouse?

Since 1949, the Playhouse has provided the community with a diverse variety of theatrical performances and live entertainment. Today the tradition of the Playhouse is stronger than ever offering a wide range of entertainment, celebrating 71 years of entertainment!

We took a look at our annual expenses to demonstrate how donations made in 2020 can help us in a variety of ways. On average...


  • represents the daily cost to help us buy additional cleaning supplies to keep you all safe when visiting with us


  • daily cost to keep the lights on


  • daily cost to cover advertising costs - keeping you in the know about what is coming in our community Playhouse


  • daily cost dedicated to technical expense: speakers, light bulbs, wires - even tape


  • daily cost contributes to the maintenance/repairs in our 71 year old theater


  • daily cost helps the Brown County Playhouse pay security deposits to top notch, national talent as well as host local events. 

Additionally, there are always ongoing projects at the BCP that could use your help! 





Sponsorship's can be made via our website or download our fundraising brochure, print and send directly to the Brown County Playhouse, PO Box 2011, Nashville, IN 47448

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to make your contribution today. Thank you for your continued support of the Brown County Playhouse. Your donation will help us achieve our matching funds of $20,000. 

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Name a Seat

For $500, a supporter can have a name plate attached to a chair in the Playhouse. Supporter designates how the plate will read.

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Brown County Playhouse Management has a goal of creating a sustainable future for the Brown County Playhouse. Working hard to reach that goal, we are establishing systems and tactics to reach that goal. Some of our systems need initial investment including movie equipment, modernizing the lighting system and updating the physical plant.

The Playhouse is an important part of the cultural life of the Brown County Community and numerous supporters have contributed to an endowment at the BC Community Foundation to assure the playhouse remains as a vibrant cultural institution.

You can become a member of the Herman B. Wells Society by including the Playhouse in your estate planning. Contact us for more details.

Donations can be made via our website or sent directly to the Brown County Playhouse, PO Box 2011, Nashville, IN 47448

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Corporate and Civic

Brown County Playhouse has many business sponsors that take advantage of the opportunity to promote their businesses with banners in the Playhouse, ads in the programs, and slide shows before the movies. For information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Millennium Club

Numerous donors are interested in supporting the Playhouse with a longer term commitment.

In order to do this, management created the Millennium Club.

Millennium Club members pledge to give $1000 each year for three consecutive years for a total of $3000. Millennium Club members name two seats in the Playhouse as part of the benefit of their gift.

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