Brown County Playhouse Management

The Brown County Playhouse Performing Arts Center reopened in July 2011 when the IU Foundation handed over the keys to the Brown County Community Foundation (BCCF). A local group of professionals formed Brown County Playhouse Management, Inc. to manage the facility, and eventually ownership was transferred from BCCF to the non-profit management group.

Brown County Playhouse Management, Inc. Board Members:
Bob Kirlin, President
Patty Frensemeier, VP/Secretary
Andrea Astill, Treasurer 
Kathy Anderson, Keith Baker, Larry Hanson, Clint Studabaker and Phil Stephens.

Executive Director, Ex-Officio - Suzannah Levett Zody
Admin: Kathy McDonald
Ticketing and Food/Beverage: Mike Goodin, Ian Levett, Tami Hendrix, Penny Hoskins, Sharon Roth
Technical: Lyle McCoy and Levi Voils